Roosevelt and Batista,  University of New Mexico Press, 1973


Gellman’s first book is the definitive treatment of American diplomacy toward Cuba from 1933-1945.





Good Neighbor DiplomacyGood Neighbor Diplomacy, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979


His second book is a major study of United States Diplomacy towards Latin America from 1933-1945.





Secret Affairs, Johns Hopkins University Press 1995


This volume graphically illustrates the relationships between Franklin Roosevelt, Cordell Hull, Sumner Welles and their associates in forming American diplomacy during the Roosevelt Administration, paying specific attention to how their personal lifestyles affected the momentous decisions that they made.





The Contender, Simon & Schuster’s Free Press, 1999


For the first time, this volume paints the picture of Richard Nixon’s Congressional career.  It demonstrates in detail how Nixon ran his successful political campaigns and how he interacted with major figures such as California Governor Earl Warren. It deals with other important figure such as Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers.